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SMS Card for visiting American. Oh, and any ideas for my port stops?

Traveling to Norway in 3 1/2 weeks on a cruise. Would like to buy a SIM card for my phone, mostly for data/GPS, to a lesser extent for texts and probably no calls. Any suggestions, please?
And as long as I have your attention, any suggestions for things to do in Kristiansand, Arendal, or Eidfjord? Or Oslo...but I lived in Oslo for 3 1/2 months about 15 years ago, so I have a pretty good idea of what I want to do there.

Thanks in advance!
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Dusk Sets on The Fjord (A Tale Written for Ghosts)

He could not believe it,at least that is what he had been telling himself for the past three hours when his ride had betrayed him on the highest point of the mountain and now he had to make his way on foot down the treacherous mountain path. The sun was slowly setting and it look like soon it'd begin to snow.
The mountains across the valley of Grimstad were long and white. The shadows of the snowcloud moved across the field and he saw the faraway fjord in the distance. It looked so viewtuful covered in a mantle of dusk sunlight,almost dream-like.
Yet at the same time he couldn't avoid suddenly a feeling of absolute loneliness. The feeling was like a sudden wave of emotion that completely enveloped him. It was if the specter of Sadness itself had suddenly run up the mountainpath. The strange feeling of cold and solitude was decidely unnatural. He wanted to get off that mountain immediatly.
It finally began to snow. Heavy flakes of snow danced before his eyes but he continued to watch the spectacle of the last rays of the sun bathing the flord down,down below. The temperature began to drastically drop and the dark slowly mantled the top of the mountains. He leaned next to a tree and all the World was a welcoming slumber.
It was dark when he opened his eyes. There was no Moon but the snow seemed to have a bizarre blue-ish glow and the temperature was surprisingly balmy. He had to return to the city or he wasn't going to live thru the night,of that he was sure. He walked the path hoping that he wouldn't slip on a patch of ice. As he walked with hurried steps a sense of absolute dread invaded his heart. Somehow he suspected he wasn't alone in those darkened woods. No wind blew through the fir trees, but a mysterious, intangible rustling and whispering was abroad.
He was somewhat disquieted to note that the illusive snowglow lent the whole scene a subtle appearance he had not noticed before--in the weird light appeared less like natural cliffs and more like being inside a distorted painting. Almost as he had wandered into a caricature of Reality itself.
Dozens of glowing eyes were looking at him. The woods around him were no longer deserted. It was thronged by a silent crowd of yellow glowing eyes and there was an undeaniable hunger in them. Cold terror stole over him. Were they wolves? It was hard to tell in the gloom,but it was undeniable that their nature was predatory.
He didn't scream,he just wanted his legs to work. When he darted down the darkened mountain he prayed to all deities of lost travellers to aid him on that darkest of moments. The ravenous glowing eyes ran behind him. No snarl or beastly roars came from them,but he could sense their voracious desire to kill and feast on his flesh. He ran and he ran,and the glowing eyes followed. Only darkness and despair lay before him with Hell close behind.
A light! Peering among the sea of darkened trees he spied the light coming from a shack or a cabin. Whatever it was,it might just be his salvation. But his shadowy pursuers did not relented and at times he could feel their jaws in the dark snapping oh so close to him. As he ran to the door he caught a glimpse of the sign hanging above the cabin's threshold covered in snow.
The door was miraculously opened and he stepped through it and immediatly slammed it shut. He wanted to lean against it with all his strenght but exhasustion finally overtook him. And in that instant of absolute physical strain he could've swore he had heard a a cavernous growly voice yelling "MINE!" right outside the cabin.
"WOO-OO!" said a voice from behind a trading counter on the other side of the cabin. "My,isn't it a bit late for a night stroll?"
The voice belonged to a gigantic man wearing a colorful lusekofte sweater and smelling of sweat and lutefisk. He had an afable wide smile on his face and quickly approached him to help him to his feet. He pointed at the door trying to warn him about the predators outside but he was panting so hard that he could barely breath.
"There,my friend. Looks like you had a bit of a nasty run in. Indeed there are some bad things out there that can get you if you are not careful. But don't worry,they can't get you in here. They have learned not to mess with the mighty Oaken.Come now,why don't you rest by the sauna while I prepare some steamed lutefisk for you?"
He wanted to hug the bizarre trader,but all he managed to physically muster was an smile. After the moments of terror he had just experienced,the comforting warm of this cabin felt like Heaven. He sat down in a chair next to the sauna's vapors and relaxed listening to Oaken singing some traditional folk song while he finished cooking some awfully stinky lutefisk. Slowly,he began to doze off.
When he opened his eyes again the cabin was gone. He was disoriented and out in the open and the only thing that surroounded him were the snow-covered foundations of a very old cabin. Had it all been a dream? But he could still smell the lutefisk in his nostrils! It was still night,but dawn was clearly not too far away. Then with horror he remembered the hungry glowing eyes and began to panic. Or had that been a dream too?
"Are you alright?" said a voice behind him that startled him almost to death.
A blonde man of about forty years wearing traditional Sami garb was looking at him from his lackered sleigh pulled by a single reindeer. The man lighted up a lamp and becknoned him to come closer. He carefully approached the man and felt no animosity from the stranger. He told him the bizarre events that had happened to him during that terrible night.
"I see... " the Sami man said imperturbale while he fed carrots to his reindeer. "Well,this really did used to be old Oaken's trading post a long time ago. That much is true. Why don't you let me take you into town and we can talk. I'm Kristoff and this old nag is Sven."
During their sleigh ride he finally sighed in relief and began to talk about his work. Kristoff listened with interest and spoke to him enthusiastically about reindeer husbandry and teaching his children how to properly cut ice and the importance of family. As they rode and conversed,they finally spotted the lights of the city and they both cheered in celebration. Sven stopped by the city's entrance and both men shook hands.
"This is your stop my friend. It was really nice to meet you. Take care not to take the wrong turn again!"
He felt a pang of sadness seeing Kristoff and Sven fade into the distance. Somehow he had felt a genuine sense of friendship and camaradery coming from both him and his mount. But what mattered now is that he was back in civilization. He entered the city and began to walk back to his hotel.
It was so good seeing electric signs,hearing cars drive by and hearing people still talking about Germany's victory in the World Cup. As he walked the pavement and soaked in all the sights and sounds of modern civilization he stopped dead in his tracks when he saw in a nearby park the statue of a man and a reindeer that looked astoundingly familiar.
It had to be a joke. The whole thing. Somebody had messed with his car's GPS,drugged him and was now going to appear in some video on Youtube. But he wasn't going to take it sitting. As soon as got to his hotel he would contact his lawyer and raise hell on Twitter and Facebook. He left the statue behind and continued walking.
When he arrived to the hotel he was surprised to see several police cars and a the mobile unit of a local TV channel. A female reporter was talking to the camera.
"We are live in the city of Arendal where reknowned graphic reporter xxxx has been reported dead after his car crashed in a mountain road. He was on assigment for National Geographic covering Norway's most beautiful fjords. He is survived by--"
It was a joke. He sure as Hell was not dead. He was alive. He was ALIVE. Darkness began to slowly dim the city lights.
He was ALIVE.
MINE! snarled the yellow eyes
Yellow eyes slithered in the Darkness. The world around him was almost gone.
"Let it go..." The voice was soft as a lover's plea and firm as a general's order.
The woman wearing the colors of Winter walked -almost floated- among the unseeing crowd and the Darkness retreated with an subdued snarl. Whoever she was,he was not worthy of being in the presence of such beauty. She smiled and offered him a helping hand. Where had he seen the shadow of those blue eyes before?
The touch of her hand felt warm and reassuring. She guided him towards the open gates of the castle. He hesiatated for moment,but her smile erased all his doubts. The Light was warm and welcoming.
"You are home." she said with a smile.
Dawn finally broke over the fjord,leaving the long dark night behind.
(to all kind ghosts and spirits in the material world,this tale is dedicated to you)
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Arende - CH2 official music video - YouTube Aprende en casa Preescolar - YouTube Arende - Boere - YouTube STANDER - ARENDE - YouTube

Spielpätze unter Auflagen ab dem 08.05.2020 wieder geöffnet - 07.05.2020. Die Stadt Arendsee (Altmark) hat gemäß § 8 IV der 5. Eindämmungsverordnung des Landes Sachsen-Anhalt einen Antrag auf Wiederöffnung sämtlicher Spielpätze beim Altmarkkreis Salzwedel am 06.05.2020 gestellt. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu’s millions of monthly readers. Title: Edition 109, Author: GPS News, Name: Edition 109, Length: 32 pages, Page: 1, Published: 2018-02-15 Como operar el GPS rastreo satelital desde el celular; Ventajas y desventajas para el GPS vehicular y personal. Tips de instalación para el sistema de rastreo Uso de la plataforma de rastreo satelital Explicación uso de botón de pánico, micrófono, cercas virtuales, apertura de puertas , sistema anti robo, apertura de puertas; GPS vehicular con valor agregado alarma. Conclusiones; Entrega ... Das Wandern rund um Essen hält einige Überraschungen bereit. Wer hätte gedacht, dass es mitten im Ruhrgebiet ein dichtes Netz aus über 500 Kilometern Wanderwegen gibt? Der Norden Essens wartet mit zahlreichen Parks und Industrienatur darauf, von dir entdeckt zu werden, während du im Süden über Ruhrhöhen und durch wunderschöne Wälder gehst. Ob mehrtägige Touren oder ein ausgedehnter ... Liste von Hunderassen die nicht haaren. Nichthaarende Hunderassen werden aus den oben angeführten Gründen immer mehr gesucht. Damit künftige Hundehalter eine Auswahl an in Frage kommende Rassen finden können, haben wir eine List erstellt, die mit einem Klick zum jeweiligen Eintrag in unserer Hunderassen-Datenbank führt.

[index] [7601] [5627] [1081] [2286] [2092] [2808] [5119] [5916] [2378] [6863]

Arende - CH2 official music video - YouTube

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises Arende · Coenie De Villiers KarooNagte ℗ 1990 Lee Thorp Entertainment Released on: 1990-01-01 Music Publisher: Songwrights Publishers Auto ... Tema Liedjie Van Die TV Reeks Arende. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.